X-star MC4 18650 battery charger

X-star MC4 18650 battery charger

  • £14.99

X-star MC4 18650 Battery Charger

Charges 4 batteries at a time

An intelligent 4-channel charger which has 4 completely independent ports. Charging currents can be adjusted automatically according to each different channel, and the user can also manually choose the current using the button switch. The screen offers the user the ability to read the charge time, precision battery cut-off voltage, displays battery power indicators, and optional currents.

Do not let the cheap price lead you to believe this is not a quality charger. All Xtar chargers are packed with Xtar signature core features and this is no different, 3 stage charging 0v activation, soft start (so is gentle with your batteries). Intelligent charging, constant charge monitoring and constantly adapts the charge current and stage of charge depending on how your battery is charging, IC temperature monitoring prevents the charger heating the batteries up. All these feature are here with this little charger. Its versatile, it will charge 10440 batteries all the way up to 18650 batteries and 26650 batteries. For price, quality, and size is truly unbeatable.