HP 304XL

HP 304XL

  • £19.99

HP 304XL Ink Cartridges

HP 304XL Compatible High Capacity Black and Colour cartridges.

Ink Volume

Black - 20ml

Colour  - 18ml

Guaranteed to work on the following printers
HP AMP 100HP AMP 120HP AMP 125HP AMP 130HP DeskJet 2600 All in OneHP DeskJet 2620HP DeskJet 2622HP DeskJet 2630HP DeskJet 2632HP DeskJet 2633HP DeskJet 2634HP DeskJet 3720 All-in-OneHP DeskJet 3730 All-in-OneHP DeskJet 3732 All-in-OneHP DeskJet 3733 All-in-OneHP DeskJet 3735HP DeskJet 3750 All-in-OneHP DeskJet 3760 All-in-OneHP DeskJet 3762HP DeskJet 3764HP ENVY 5010 All-in-oneHP ENVY 5020 All-in-oneHP ENVY 5030 All-in-oneHP ENVY 5032 All-in-OneHP ENVY 5050 All-in-one Wireless